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Raccoon Removal: Disease-Free Existence

Donna Rogers

raccoon-1000383_960_720The most important reason for using professional raccoon control is certainly the fact that these animals carry roundworm, which is a parasite. The eggs of this parasite can lead to certain health problems in human beings if they are ever ingested or inhaled. Roundworms can stay inside the intestines for a period of two years or so and can also cause lung problems, pain in the abdomen, or diarrhea. In severe cases, the intestines can also get completely blocked. Baby booster seats and Christmas decorations that are normally kept in the attic may be infested with the parasite. Once you bring these items out, you are completely exposed to the parasite.

Rabies and canine distemper may also be disseminated through raccoons. Distemper occurs in dogs and is highly contagious. It has no known cure and mostly results in death. Therefore, domesticated dogs may also suffer due to the presence of raccoons in the house.

Raccoons happen to be nocturnal creatures, so it is likely that you would nothear from them in day time or see them at all for that matter. A raccoon that stays at your home may cause thrashingsounds as it leaves for dinner at around ten at night. It comes back at dawn and you may also hear it reenter your place. These animals do not hibernate but have a tendency to become inactive when the weather turns extremely cold. Raccoons usually stay in the wild for an approximate of six years and may permanently move to your place if they find it comfortable enough. They will keep on returning to your place regardless of what you do until you hire professional wildlife removal services to do the job for you.

If a raccoon stays in your attic, it is likely that it will also be in constant search for good. Pet-food containers and trash cans are favored by raccoons the most while they search for food sources and being omnivorous, they can eat both animals and plants. It is assumed that raccoons clean their food or wash it before they eat. While the veracity of this statement may be questionable, raccoons do have a habit of playing with foodstuff in water. These animals can easily track down and hunt squirrels and rats that may already have inhabited the attic and feed on the rats’ food supply.

Hiring professional services for raccoon removal is important for a number of different reasons. To begin with, raccoons can easily get cozy inside the walls or the attic and can create a huge mess. Damage may be caused to possessions that could be worth thousands of dollars. Moreover, it is highly unwise to be deluded into believing that a raccoon that has left your house will never come back. Raccoons return to their favorite house year after year as they have absolutely no problems in residing with human beings. In order to gain entry into your house, raccoons formulate holes into walls that could also cause leaks or allow other wild animals to enter. Therefore, it is always best to make use of professional method of what is raccoon control to avoid such problems.

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